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"Attack on Titans" Season 3 Anime Review [Part 1]

!!This Is A Non-Spoilers Review! I Apologize In Advance If I Spoil Anything Accidentally!! 
STORY: 7/10 CHARACTER: 8/10 ART: 10/10 SOUND: 8/10

First off this season is divided into 2 parts and by only completing the 1st half, we have to wait a year for the 2nd part which sucks! (At least it isn't 4 years!) I don’t understand the reasoning behind this aside from being a marketing ploy! Anyway these 12 episodes differ from what seen previously as we are actually given some solid answers to questions that Anime viewers have been waiting for years! But it still leaves a lot of stuff that needs to be sorted out so the Mystery element is always present! 
The lore of the Titans have always been the thrilling point of this show as fans have conjured up their own theories about What, When and How. Yet right from the get-go, the series makes it clear how different this tale will be when compared to its predecessor! You have a very unfittingly calm OP (representing the innocence of …

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