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"The Devil is a part-timer" Anime Review

!!This Is A Non-Spoilers Review! I Apologize In Advance If I Spoil Anything Accidentally!! 
STORY: 6/10 CHARACTER: 7/10 ART: 7/10 SOUND: 8/10

We start with a rather clich├ęd Fantasy setting of a Demon King or better the Devil himself who as usual intends on world dominance by spreading his reign over the 4 corners of the kingdom. The humans band together to end his evil reign but find their efforts futile so they all turn to a hero, someone born in secret and raised away from the world on a farm to live the simple life so that she can learn to be humble. 
Knowing she’s the only one skilled at defeating the Demon King, she sets her sight on accomplishing this very goal and slowly but surely the tide turns in the human’s favor. As the war wages on, the hero along with her comrades finally corners an almost defeated Demon King but before she can strike the finishing blow, he escapes with his subordinate to another world! Naturally the hero follows the Demon King, and this is wher…

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