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"Black Lagoon" Season 1 & 2 Anime Review

!!This Is A Non-Spoilers Review! I Apologize In Advance If I Spoil Anything Accidentally As I Am Reviewing Both Seasons 1 and 2!!  STORY: 6/10 CHARACTER: 8/10 ART: 10/10 SOUND: 9/10 ENJOYMENT: 9/10   'Black Lagoon'   reached my ears by good word of mouth but it captured my attention from the MC, Revy on the poster. Not knowing what to make of the title or the poster, I was very surprised at what this anime turned out to be. Often criticized for copying ‘Cowboy Bebop’ , I was a little concerned at first, but this anime distinguishes itself with its world building and characters. Set to a dark yet realistic, cruel, cold, violent, and brutal crime infested town that perfectly captures the last place you want to be in this R-rated world. This anime superbly holds nothing back and you get a load of hot girls wielding big guns and firing at everything and everyone! In fact, this anime is all about tits, ass, guns, explosions, cursing and badass chicks!  You start with the Co-lead Oka

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